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Mario, Honorary President of the Movement of Educational Cooperation, a member of the Honorary Committee of the XXX the RIDEF, 2014, the generous founder of the House of Arts and Games of Drizzona, and for all the author of ' Cipì ', the ' Soldier of Pim pa pum ', the ' wrong country ', is no longer with us.

Mario Lodi

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Mario Lodi, président d’honneur du MCE, est mort.

La mort de ce grand maître est une perte très importante pour les mouvements de la FIMEM.

C'est avec une grande tristesse que le CA de la FIMEM présente ses condoléances à la famille de Mario Lodi et au mouvement italien MCE.

Pour le CA de la FIMEM,

Pilar Fontevedra

Funerali di Mario Lodi

Mando testimonianza dell'addio al Ns Maestro Presidente
più di così non son riuscito a fare

domenico canciani

Recuerdo a Mario Lodi de Antón Costa Rico

Apreciados compañeros y compañeras de la FIMEM:
Desde Nova Escola Galega ( nos sumamos al homenaje a Mario Lodi, y expresamos nuestra tristeza por su desaparición. Nuestra particular condolencia con los compañeros y compañeras del MCE

On a perdu Mario Lodi; é morto Mario Lodi

Motion of BD 13 march recall Saint Louis Appeal



During the International meeting of Freinet teachers which took place in St Louis, Senegal in August, 2006, during a workshop we had discussions with African teachers and teachers from all over the world about the use of children in the wars in Africa and in other parts of the world. Then a text was proposed to the General Assembly of the FIMEM and it was voted unanimously. The FIMEM is sending you this text and is asking you to spread it widely around you and to send it to your government.

Le salon Freinet du Cameroun à la télévision nationale

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Interview d'Antoinette Mengue Abesso et de Clémence Bwengne Ewane à propos du salon Freinet de Yaoundé.