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RIDINFOS de la RIDEF 2010 (n°16 à 20)

RIDINFOS de la RIDEF 2010 (n°6 à 10)

RIDINFOS de la RIDEF 2010 (n° 0 à 5)

  documents  préparatoires à la RIDEF 2010

Thème RIDEF 2018

Theme for RIDEF in Sweden 2018 - Modern Communication Is about the Transportation of Ideas and Substance

On the 18th December 2010 the unemployed Tunisian academic Mohammed Bouazizi burnt himself to death as a protest against the Tunisian regime. That became the start of the so called the Arab Spring. No Arab Spring would have been possible without Facebook! Messages were sent out at a speed which no one could have imagined five years ago! To many children all over the world this is a reality that they find completely normal and indeed natural. They were born into a digital world!



If we try to look at our cities and at our social life in different ways, it is possible to start imagining and building a better society.

Nouveau site FIMEM : quelques points à discuter

Quelques points à discuter à propos de ce nouveau site de la FIMEM.

1. les inscriptions

Nous avons choisi d'inscrire nous-mêmes les adhérents au site, et de ne pas mettre de formulaire d'inscription. 

Se posent alors les questions

  • Qui peut-on inscrire?
  • L'inscription doit-elle passer par l'aval d'un mouvement? Dans ce cas, il faut un responsable par pays.