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FIMEM STATUTES ____________________ *Statutes voted at General Assembly – RIDEF Japan 98 I Aims and composition of the association Section 1 The association “Federation Internationale des Mouvements d'Ecole Moderne”1, FIMEM, was foun-ded in 1957 for an undefined period. Its headquarter is situated in the country chosen by the General Assembly. The place is specified by decision of the Board of Directors. Section 2 The Federation is a non-profit-making organisation.


Prévisionnel 2008-10






Motion of BD 13 march recall Saint Louis Appeal



During the International meeting of Freinet teachers which took place in St Louis, Senegal in August, 2006, during a workshop we had discussions with African teachers and teachers from all over the world about the use of children in the wars in Africa and in other parts of the world. Then a text was proposed to the General Assembly of the FIMEM and it was voted unanimously. The FIMEM is sending you this text and is asking you to spread it widely around you and to send it to your government.

Communiqué du CA de la FIMEM- Mexique septembre 2013

Communiqué du CA de la FIMEM:

La FIMEM soutient la lutte des enseignants mexicains qui s'opposent à la nouvelle loi d'éducation et qui défendent son droit au travail et à une école publique digne.
La FIMEM condamne les violences policières que les professeurs ont subies, spécialement la répression subie le 13 septembre 2013 sur la place centrale de Mexique, "El Zócalo".

Membres du CA de la FIMEM depuis 1957

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Declaration of FK for the substitution of'I Dietrich by R Niklausen

Freinet-Kooperative e.V.


Sielwall 45 , 28203 Bremen


Tel.: 0421-34 49 29


Document of swedish movement for substitute David by Mia

Utdrag ur Protokoll från styrelsemöte i Freinetrörelsen i Sverige den 24:e januari 2013 

Extract from a protocol from the Swedish committee of the Movement of Freinet the 24:th of January 2013 


Board of Directors 2012-2014




 JU2012 JULY 31th






Infor CA 58- Lyon, France, 2010.