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Obsèques de Kpandang Komla (Togo)

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Komla à Leon (juillet 2012) photo Katrin Nijs

Décès de Kpandang Komla du MOUVEN (Togo)

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Death of founder of Freinet School in Chile

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Escuela Celestin Freinet communicates to all the educational community of the School Célestin Freinet, the painful loss of his founder Don Eradio Mardones Oyarzun.

Don Eradio was during 33 years, the pioneer, the director and the administrator of a tremendous educational project, which will be its inheritance as well as the education of tens of generations. We send our condolences to each of workers, professionals, teachers, parents and guardians friends andrelatives and specially all the boys and the girls who were formed by his serenity and his energy.

Zofia Napiorkowska

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Murata Eichi

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Je viens d'apprendre le décès de Murata survenu le 21 janvier. Son coeur a lâché, il avait 76 ans. Je suis effondrée.


Paul Le Bohec à Florianopolis à la RIDEF de 1988

Lucien Buisson

Lucien Buisson
Documentation et son dans le mouvement Freinet Français
Florilège de témoignages