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RIDINFOS de la RIDEF 2010 (n° 0 à 5)

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Thème RIDEF 2018

Theme for RIDEF in Sweden 2018 - Modern Communication Is about the Transportation of Ideas and Substance

On the 18th December 2010 the unemployed Tunisian academic Mohammed Bouazizi burnt himself to death as a protest against the Tunisian regime. That became the start of the so called the Arab Spring. No Arab Spring would have been possible without Facebook! Messages were sent out at a speed which no one could have imagined five years ago! To many children all over the world this is a reality that they find completely normal and indeed natural. They were born into a digital world!

projet GRUNTVIG RIDEF 2014 Histoires urbaines d'Europe pour le dévellopement de l'alphabétisation des adultes

Workshop Reference number:
Reggio nell''Emilia
Date of the Workshop:
21/07/2014 - 30/07/2014
European Urban Tales for the impr
ovement for literacies of adults
Subject area:
Basic skills
Working language(s):
Target Group + Translation
Strategies for helping immigrants
and adults in problematic situat
ions make the transition from
functional to cultural literacy T
eachers, educators, cultural medi
ators and libraria
ns involved in
adult education or L2 teaching 22
(2 of whom from the hosting country)
Main activities Programme

Proposition pour une ville du monde


Rossella Quaranta, professeur du M.C.E., de  Brindisi, a conçu pour la  RIDEF 2014 en Italie le symbole qui lui a été inspiré par le thème des enfants et de la ville.