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Inaccuracies and strange decisions

6 various Points
Concerning the film " Halina Semenowicz ", I did not ask for its opinion at the FIMEM BD, I offered it to sign the film. For that a prior agreement is needed so that FIMEM appears is the form header of right requests (right to be filmed and to use pictures) sent to the persons filmed or having provided documents. This header not commit the FIMEM in any way, since once the ended film, xe submit it to the BD agrement to sign in the generic, what gives to the BD the rights of use the film. Procedure was normal, they do not ask people for the approval to film them once the film is ended. If the film is not suitable for the BD, we do not put his name in the generic. Today, even if the film is suitable for us, FIMEM will not have the right, contrary to ICEM and to PSAPCF to use the film.
I am surprised of this lack of confidence which probably met no precedent in the history of our movement, but more still of the complete ignorance of right to one's image by teachers' part which photograph or film their pupils.

« According to recommendations of General meeting 2012, the relations of FIMEM are directly made with movements. CAMEM is not acknowledged in FIMEM, as organization, its activities we know them across the movements which compose it. When a movement asks to be accepted in FIMEM, it introduces its statutes and its program. »
CAMEM, at least between 2004 and 2010 was always the guest of the FIMEM BD, which delegated one of his members (with JEAN LEGAL), with the agreement of CAMEM to follow its activities. It chalenged without reason, the functioning of precedent CA, under the presidency of Teresita Garduno. I must even add that in Nantes the BD had offered to affiliate to FIMEM the Friends of Freinet and the CAMEM what was refused by General Assembly under pretext that it did not comply with statutes and with rules procedure.

12 – FIMEM Movements
« Japan: Twenty persons participated in RIDEF of León. We hope for an evolution of movement since the death of Murata. »
Is it the role of one FIMEM BD to judge the functioning of one of its affiliated movements? The friends of Murata, who paid tribute to him in Leon, will appreciate.


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