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Living Maths in the Freinet Techniques workshop

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In our workshop today we talked about the principles of Freinet pedagogy, and after we have brainstormed to see how to apply these principles in our classrooms. We have started to give them names: work plans, free text, self-correction cards, so what's new? Ah, I have lost a tooth, which tooth ... in Austria they have a list of teeth, in Chili they have photographs of smiling toothless faces... the tooth fairy comes to get your teeth from under your pillow. And then we have seen other techniques: school correspondence, living maths ... We have compared the height of all of us and we have ordered the class from small to large ... Tomorrow, Joana will tell us a practical application of these techniques, and we'll study some of them in depth. Thanks to the translators, thanks to everybody who was there.

Alfredo López


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