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Summary of some points made ​​in the workshop of Francesco Tonuci, "The city of children"

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By Claudia Crevenna

A girl from the city of Rosario, Argentina said in the Council of Children: "The adults are the guilty of everything. We have to set limits for the adults."

A girl from Canada, at the 1992 Rio Summit said: "Adults say they love us, that we are important, that they care for us. What you do makes me cry in the evening."

Mario Lodi: "The child doesn't belong to the parents, or teachers, or the State. From birth it has the right to happiness."

Parents say: "The city is dangerous, you can not go out." So kids say: "If the city is dangerous, then it must be changed"

It is important to listen to children, they have many ideas and proposals on how they want their city. Taking into account the proposals of the children to modify spaces for them and how they want them... You need to take into account the views of the other, their point of view; but you must make sure you really are going to take this point of view into account and take action in the short term so that the children who made the proposals can still see and enjoy the change; otherwise, within a few years, the children have grown and learned that adults do not take into account their opinion and it is not worth to comment.

Listen to girls and boys and based on what they want, make change happen. Create or change public policy to do what children ask.

In public spaces, all signs prohibiting children play are illegal according to Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the children, which mentions that they have the right to play, rest and leisure. In a world full of noise, it seems that the only noises that bother people are the children when they play ...  You can ask them "Please" to avoid certain games in certain areas, but NOT to ban play outright.

The right to go to school is in Article 28 and the right to play in the Article 31, however they are not respected in the same way. The law to go to school has been advocated and demanded a lot, but not the right to play, there is no equality. Time for school eats away from the time at home. It seems that adults have forgotten that what is learned through play is learned forever. School time should be equal to play time, there should be no home work or duties that occupy the time of the children at home. It is valuable time to learn and discover.

The Council of the children of the city of Rosario, Argentina has proposed that there is a day dedicated to play, just like a birthday. With 3 conditions:
1 -. That it is a normal working day, that schools are open for play.
2 - That the council people have 1 hour to play on weekdays.
3 - That some streets are closed to play in them.


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