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Re: ca1

Following the discussion opened by andy ON THE Fimem site
I was not in Sweden during the last Ridef anyway I followed through the narration of some participants, the great part the Italian ones, and when I read Andy writing I completely agree with him and his notes about :
- The number of members in the BD in this moment is not sufficient (4) and I think we have to think carefully about it and try to find some solutions:

1. first of all I suggest the current BD to open the debate inside them and inside the FIMEM.
- Why Fimem countries are not interested in taking part to the BD meeting :
May be they think there are too many meetings, anyway today there are only few meeting in presence, the most of them are via skype so journey are limited and you can always be in contact
- To have members from other countries, not in a very limited number, could give to the working group the exact pace of what’s happening in other countries and let other Fimem members to know it.
- Furthermore The Ridef is a great event for meeting people coming from different countries concerned with Freinet pedagogy and the general assembly through the work of the BD is the great way and chance we have of going reflecting on the past and looking at the future .
- A proposal : to promote again the group of delegates , (the special group, made by volunteers from different countries) with letters and special messages to all the countries, trying to help and stimulate the “political mission” of the BD and its importance inside the Fimem. This group could work trough the internet and could be open to every suggestion and intervent.
- Once upon a time there was a multilettre, that in a certain way tried to collect what’s happening in the different countries and was sent to each member of the fimem.... it was a great way to have contact with each other ...
- The work of the BD must not only to be limited to bureaucratic issues, it’s the core of the Fimem and we have to support it with ideas coming from all the country members.
These are only some suggestions ... I sent them to the Fimem site, to the CA ( Sylviane and Lanfranco , our Italian representative hoping to have some answers in term of opening a debate ...
Marta Fontana – MCE (Italian movement)


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