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During  the Swedish Ridef, you have committed for creating commissions to help the Board and to move forward on issues that need updating.

Now it's time to think together and get involved in these various commissions.

We already have several coordinators ready to start the discussions. Many thanks for your availability.


Categorization and Contributions (cotisations): Andi Honegger


Translations: Marta Fontana.


Communication: Hélène Aubert


FIMEM website: Claude Beaunis



Of course, there are other folders to support:


International relationships : ……………….


Organization of the Ridefs: ..................... ..


Orientations: ......................

Statutes: ......... ..


Internal rules (Règlement Intérieur ) : .............................. ..


Other: .........................


We need the energy of everyone, so get in touch with the coordinators to organize your work ....


... Or do you propose to coordinate a new commission.


See you soon


For the CA

 Sylviane Amiet



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Compte rendu-13 ième séjour en Grèce

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Compte rendu de 13° séjour en Grèce du 8 au 13 novembre 2018

Olivier Francomme

Compte-rendu du 12° séjour en Grèce octobre 2018-Olivier Francomme

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Les séjours se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas ! À présent, pour cette année, participer à la formation pilote à Corinthe nécessitera de se rendre 8 fois en Grèce durant cette année scolaire (sur 10 sessions de formation).

Mais le programme est un peu plus chargé que cela :


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We are surprised and sorry to discover that in recent years, school directors from various parts of the world have been trying to make Freinet's name a national label  that gives them the right to control the productions of their colleagues as well as Royalties.

FIMEM strongly opposes this process:

Faire un compte rendu de correspondance

 Il serait très intéressant pour tous d'avoir sur le site des comptes rendus de correspondance internationale, pour montrer ce qu'il est possible de faire, donner des idées, donner des pistes.

Pour cela :

1. Vous devez vous identifier sur le site. Si vous n'avez pas de compte, cliquez sur "Inscription" pour voir la démarche à suivre.

2. Créez une page : Espace Interne ==> Créer une page.

help the Italian movement

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Compte rendu Chine

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 Compte-rendu de 13° séjour en Chine

International correspondence


International correspondence

the year of the issue of the Célestin et Élise Freinet stamp

THANKS for my election at CA of Fimem

Text of my thanks, that I did not have time to read, at the FIMEM General Assembly in Ljungskile

Thank you to all, for my election at CA of Fimem.
I want to thank first my Italian companeros, after my friend Nuccia Maldera. I also greet Eduard, that after a few years, leaves the CA.
I am very honored, to have been elected in such an important organism as the CA of Fimem; the federation of our associations of educators who, as volunteers, dedicate part of their time and their energies, to a better world. I promise to do my best, to honor this position.

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