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The newspaper "dream team"

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Andrea Sola (ITA), Arnout Vandecappelle (BEL), Claude Beaunis (FRA), Luisanna Ardu (ITA), Renate Thiel (GER), David Almlöf (SWE),Francesca Lepori (ITA),

The newspaper "dream team"

Anna Maria Matricardi (ITA), Jean Marc Henry (HAI), Jean Daye (BEN), Iara Ciccarelli Dias (ITA), Virginie Marechal (FRA)

We collect informations, impressions, comments, photos, videos, drawings etc. about the RIDEF 2014. Please feel free to come and meet us in classroom 8 of the school Galileo Galilei, or contact one of the people on the picture above. Any kind of content is welcome and will be published on the website. A short newspaper will be printed every day.