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Resistance camp. Revolution Monument. México D.F., October 3, 2013

Dear Sophi,
We want to say sorry for abandoning you many days. We imaging you are sad, alone, far away of us when we love so much, and we are so far away from you when you love us.
We are orphans of you, and you to us.
We don’t know if we will win this fight. There is so much uncertainty all the time…
…We will be able to look you in the eye with dignity, and tell you that we fought with courage until the end. That we have not run like cowards, watching our rights trampled. Our most elementary rights, human rights, the right we have to educate you and to be educated.

Teacher Felipe:
This moment of mobilisation is so difficult for the communication with my family. Zully, my wife tells me: “Why? Why are you not a normal teacher?”
If I move me the love, the love to a dignified life. Live and a tranquil life. I know I will be soon with my family. Embrace them and kiss them In this moment I will cry and I will overflow them with my love. The time are not sufficient, but be a small “piece”of I feel. I Talk with them of the fight, to the dignity at are my commitment and my integrity, I will say I am have wings to fly, my friends are my family. I talk to the discomfort that we face day to day, to the days we don't had to eat. I tell them so hard the raining days and we don't sleep. But i tell them my reminding for stay with them in every moment.


We will say the MMEM and MEPA participate and support the teachers movement against the educative reform in Mexico:

  • It is not an Educational Reform but a labour reform.
  • That deletes to teachers maintain the dignity in their profession
  • That exposes them to loose their job
  • That declares that the state will not be responsible og the maintenance of schools.
  • That ignores the educational programs that emerged from each region.
  • That proclaims that good quality education is measured by standarized exams.
  • An educational action is mainly political.