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To the FIMEM Movments

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  • The FIMEM B.D. would like to inform you that from september 2015 on it is possible to enrol in the RIDEF which will take place in Benin in july 2016.
  • On the FIMEM website you can find the information relating to the conference
  • Please fill in the enrolment form and send it to email adresses the organizers’
  • The enrolment fee can also be paid in two instalments: in this case the first one ha sto be paid by the end of march 2016. The second one by the end of june 2016. Or in one instalment by march.
  • We advise the people who are responsible for the movments to do their members’ bank transferts all together to save up on bank taxes. You’ll fnd the bank details on the website.
  • You’ll find also the long and short workshops presentation forms on the website. Please send them to the organizers by the end of february if possible. In the website a speciale mail address is dedicated to sending workshops’ forms.
  • Please let us know if you want to show a pedagogic exhibition or multimedia productions.
  • Finally we would like to know the materials and tools you need by the end of february.
                                                             Best regards
                                                             FIMEM BD
September, 1th, 2015