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To the presidents of francophone countries movements

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To the presidents of francophone countries movements
Dear  friends
we want the RIDEF 2016 in Benin is as rich as possible and participated with  suggestions and proposals that can delight the African  teachers   and us also.
A RIDEF in Benin is a unique opportunity for groups who recognize themselves in the FIMEM and also for the African continent.
It is for these reasons that solicits your movements in search of people - resource that can hold a long or short workshop at the RIDEF.
In the FIMEM site you will find the form to present the workshops.
If you can send emails and proposals we can contact these people. Directly.
The FIMEM CA is meeting late February in Morocco and at that time we should complete the ten day program in general lines.
We wish you a happy New Year.
Bd fimem