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2014 - 2016 Rapport Österreich

Cooperative Freinet Austria (FreinÖ)

We finally succeeded after 2 year's work, and establish again a unified Austria-wide
association (umbrella organisation). Previously, (for almost 15 years) associations or
groups worked in some Austrian provinces, but there was no central federation /
umbrella organisation. Now, such an association was founded in spring 2016,
following several years of preparation.
It is an organisation in which all persons interested in Freinet pedagogy - teachers
and people of other professions, and parents as well should feel themselves
represented and it will extend its activities all over Austria. Individual membership
and membership of clubs is possible for all that identify themselves with the
conditions and objectives laid down in the statutes.
Inge Schierer is chosen as chairwoman, Thomas Körner is elected as Treasurer,
Wanda Grünwald as Secretary
FreinÖ wants to guarantee several things Austria-wide:
.) a new Homepage (still in progress)
.) spreading the same information to all interested persons at the same time
.) Austria-wide agenda for the current school year.
.) The Viennese association has agreed to produce the first edition of every schoolyear
of their newspaper Elise (the one in autumn) as an edition for whole of Austria
in which the invitation for the next Austria-wide meeting "Atelier Freinet" at Easter
and all other dates for trainings (possibly also the trainings in Switzerland and
Bavaria) and contributions from the provinces are collected.
The contact to and representation in the FIMEM is also an objective of the new
association. Following an application from Wanda about the amount of membership
fee, high enough to cover also the FIMEM contribution is decided: 2 Euro per month
for full-payers, or for students and social tariff (according to self-assessment) 12
Euro / year.
linking the existing addresses (freinetgruppe vienna and atelier school, FIMEM and
RIDEF, etc.)
Freinet in Austria
making contacts
archivating materials...
Account number.: Cooperative Freinet Austria: AT85 3504 7000 7511 6996
The Freinet movement in Austria annually organizes 2 national meetings (each with
100-150 participants, as well as regional meetings). In addition, training sessions
are offered at the teacher training colleges. The newspaper Elise is issued twice a
year - one as Viennese issue, the other one as Austria-issue.
We all are very pleased about the new Austria-wide association and hope that all
will participate eagerly!
Concrete plans for autumn: "Freinet-flash" on the occasion of the 120 th anniversary
of Celestin, the call for it is sent separately.

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