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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The site "RIDEF Ljunskile, 2018 in Sweden" is under construction but is already online (see the “website” tab, right column, top).


A lot of information are  already there and the others will come soon. Please check it regularly.

September 16th  2017

The minutes of the annual Board meeting in Lokossa-Benin (Infor # 70-July 2017) will be published shortly. Have a look!

The translations and the Presidency ‘s letter will follow shortly. 




A document entitled

"Preparatory steps for a trip"

will be posted here very soon.

Thank you for helping us improve it if necessary.


Good new school year!


19 June 2017

Good summer’s holidays to all of you!

A relaxing, energizing and loving release !

Looking forward seeing you again in 2017-2018!





June 3, 2017

Hello everyone,

The Board will meet in Lokossa (Benin) from 28 June to 4 July 2017. Please feel free to send us your comments, questions, suggestions and points that you would like to bring to our attention. Good holidays!

Good summer!





April 10, 2017

No new documents ...but an invitation to react to those  already  posted on the site: questions, suggestions, comments on  numerical evaluation, new categorization and subscription of countries, commodification of education ... All your lights are precious and welcome. Do not deprive us of it.


For your information, the annual meeting of the Board will take place in Benin from 28 June to 4 July 2017


March 13, 2017

Coming soon!

Findings collected in the base groups at Dogbo.





March 3rd, 2017 

File evaluation 

A questionnaire to collect your evaluation questions and practices will be posted on this site very soon.

Who knows ... your many answers to this questionnaire may be the first step of a field research or a working group on alternatives to the numerical score!




24. february

No tabling of texts this week but some reminders and additional information.

• To contact members of the board of directors or the webmaster: FIMEM website - Column on the left - "Links" – tab Contacts-Email- Recipients ... all you have to do is choose your contact.

• Take a look at flyer 2016-2018 and let us know if there are any corrections - FIMEM-Column on the right -tab "Rules, Statuts-Members" -Folder 2016- 2018

• Desperately looking for translators from "French to English" or "French to Spanish"

Good WE! 

  Others "What's new ?"




4 February 2017 

The Infor 69 and the Presidency letter will be tabled soon. 

Good reading!




The infor 68 has finally completed... at least in French. The English and Spanish versions are for ...soon



The FIMEM flyerhas been updated and will be posted on the site very soon (right column under the title: Regulation, member statutes, ...). Use it for all your events and promotions .

We start with the French version ... the English and Spanish versions will come soon.



You will find on the site two documents concerning the categorization of the countries. As these are still works documents, they are classified in the "reserved FIMEM" area. To access it and send us your comments and arguments, you must register in this space, with Claude Beaunis.

If, as we wish, we are many to choose to work on this theme, then we can open a working group.



  A new communication tool is born. This "What's New", clearly visible on the homepage, will regularly give you "last hour" news from the Board. There will never be any "texts" in the QDN: only one or two sentences for important reminders, strategic information, freshly posted articles on the site that should be read first, ...
Do not miss it, check it out regularly.

Good idea!

I like this new News section. It shows that FIMEM is alive between ridefs!
Keep going ;-)

RIDEF site

We now have a officiall website welcome