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Lettre de la présidente de la FIMEM




Letter from the Presidency

Reminding  the principle of communicating vessels, so dear to Freinet:

"A strong collective strengthens each individual and groups and strong individuals and groups are  shaped and strengthened  by the collective".

FIMEM why? For who?

My four-year FIMEM Board experience makes me question the current usefulness of our Federation and explore with you promising tracks to strengthen and modernize it in the very near future.

This extraordinary tool of promotion, consolidation and mobilization can really play a greater role for all those who are interested in FP and who, therefore, are also concerned about all the environmental phenomena that have an undeniable influence on school.

I am thinking of the involvement of the member movements, of course, but also of all the members who feel challenged and who wish to share their ideas to ensure the vitality, the influence and the durability of the FIMEM.

What needs to be changed, what needs to be modified so that FIMEM becomes an INCONTOURNABLE  for all those who choose to join?

Some tracks:

A productive CA (elected)

... who begins, who suggests, who consults, who validates, who gathers, who coordinates and makes available good practices, both from a an organizational and pedagogical point of view.

To change this "work of titan", we need explicit requires, targeted and variable skills according to the priority issues of the moment. This is why we have develop a competency profile (criteria) and offer support in the action for anyone who wishes to join the Board.

Local correspondents in direct and constant contact with FIMEM

Ideally each Movement would send 1 or 2 of its members. Motivated, reliable, credible pivotal people already involved in their Movement would have as their main task to improve COMMUNICATIONS internally and with FIMEM. It is essentially to circulate information to the various local, regional, national and international bodies. These key interlocutors would commit for a 2 year term (between 2 Ridefs).

An expanded turnover

Sweden has favoured "communication in all its forms" as a theme for the Ridef 2018. And this is what the FIMEM needs most now ...  during the Ridef  but especially to maintain the time  after and between the Ridef .

This is why  a choice of several "thematic projects" could be proposed to the Ridéfiens (old and new) who will want to propose their ideas of transformation and to give us their expertise, their interests and their talents.

As examples:

Project 1 - Reciprocal Expectations:  what Movements' need from  FIMEM?  What ere Contributions expected by FIMEM?

1.2- Ridefs organizers: winning practices to pool

1.3- Organizational heritage: historical perspectives of decisions, management tools, guides to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of successive members of the Board?

2-FIMEM site: used or not? useful or not? suggested improvements to improve usability if needed

3. - Other topics: initiated by Movements or suggested by FIMEM. There are already several on our work table (see guidelines in Infor # 70) ... why not start with those ... right now?

This is what will make this Federation, which brings us all together, more and more like us. To inform, consult, share, mobilize, engage could be our "collective leitmotif" of the coming years. Who will be left?

Ridef 2018 ... it's a date! I'll be there. And You?

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Présidente de la FIMEM