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CA FIMEM: Compte rendu trimestriel des rencontres virtuelles: Août-Septembre-Octobre 2017



-Report of virtual meetings of Agust-September-October 2017

Minutes of the Board’s virtual meetings: August, September, October 2017
The Board of FIMEM delegates Nuccia as a jury member for the choice of recipients of the Benaiges Scholarship. She will work with Pilar and the Benaiges Association and will finalize the documents to be put on the site by Antoinette.
Due to the unmotivated absence of the person mandated by the MEFA to RIDEF 2016, the Board of FIMEM informs the Haitian Movement that it must assume the repayment of the money.  (Solidarity and contribution fees). A repayment method, spread over 10 years, has been proposed by FIMEM. The Haitian Movement will present this proposal to its members and we will follow the result of the debate very soon. To be continued.
Sweden RIDEF
The Board of FIMEM wants all information (3 languages) to be accessible from the FIMEM website.
The FIMEM board accepts the proposal of Sweden to add 10% to the cost of registration to the RIDEF countries A, B and C. This additional contribution will be used for the solidarity offered by the host country (5%) and by FIMEM (5%).
The board of the FIMEM invests 5000 € for the solidarity and offers an additional guarantee of 5000 € which it will take in its reserves. The 5% from the Ridef registrations, the repayment of the Benin and Haitian Movements as well as any donations from Movements or individuals (which will be given to FIMEM solidarity) will be used to replenish the account.
To reduce the cost of accommodation, camping is proposed as an alternative to the hotel.
Unless otherwise agreed with FIMEM’s treasury, the movements which have not paid their 2017 and 2018 subscriptions will not be eligible for the "FIMEM member" rate when registering for RIDEF.
Flagrant lack of qualified people here! We are again calling on you to help us translate the FIMEM documents.
Each Movement-member makes the choice of the person who will be helped by solidarity. Ensure the reliability of the chosen person: Participate in the Ridef and return to the country as indicated on his return ticket.
FIMEM's Board of Directors (Nuccia Maldera) told the organizing committee and the Movements (especially in Africa) what steps to take to obtain visas. It is also involved in the search for funds and recognition with international institutions. We hope that all Movements will do the same in their respective communities ... solidarity FIMEM wants to be a "second line" resource regarding funding.
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