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Organizacion FIMEM

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It is about, among all of us, looking for the best strategies, it is very difficult: the languages, the media, the different sensitivities and levels of commitment, even the cultures ...

However we have the best, our basic agreement to work for a different, committed school, Freinet.

In this last Ridef I have experienced it first hand, I had already attended in some previous, this tension between different ways of seeing the organizational theme. I had also noticed the precious dynamics of people working to the top so that this difficulty can be removed, for example in Benin.

In the Ridef of Sweden there was a difficult time, in the assembly we were not able to move forward, the previous work was not properly oriented and with the difficulty of the languages, it was impossible to reach an agreement. However, as always, crises help, it was decided to work in committee to organize the guidelines and proposals for improvement, which on the other hand had already been discussed in the language groups. It was worked until late at night and a consensus document was obtained to help the assembly. However, when this document was presented, we could not vote on it. Time, again the languages ​​... we had to settle for the commitment on the part of C.A. to study carefully these guidelines and follow them. It was a bit disappointing, on our part we made it clear that we would have liked to vote yes to the agreed guidelines. However I want to refer to the work dynamics that occurred around this situation: it was beautiful.

Intense, solidary, very human work. I believe that this dynamic is what can save us, it has the necessary power to continue to drive us from a distance. In fact emails have been fuming since then. We have put the agreed guidelines black on white, we have ordered them and sent them to C.A. They are the following:

It is very important to maintain this momentum, this will, it was agreed to create a support group for Fimem with the representatives of the movements and people interested in improving our international work and to help prepare the Ridef of Canada. I think we will achieve it.

Juan Fernández Platero MCEP