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Children's Democratic participation de Jean Le Gal

The participation of the children in the affairs which concern them is a right recognized by the International Convention on the Rights of the Child . (Art 12). 

It is the fundamental principle which Freinet, as other progressive educators and revolutionaries of the new Education and the socialist School, implemented, here is more than a century. 
By institutions and practices which these educators created, they allowed the children and the young people to express themselves freely, to exercise a democratic participation in the management of their life, their activities and their learnings(apprenticeships), under diverse forms: general assembly, parliament, advice(councils), committees, committees(commissions), etc.
Today he returns to us to us, Educators Freinet of all the countries, to continue and to amplify this educational and political action, at the school, in the family, in the society. 
The participative democracy is a claiming(demand) of numerous peoples in the World(Monde) today. The children and the young people must be able to be actively involved there.
I know that you lead actions and researches. It is imperative to make them known within the FIMEM for a mutual enrichment. It is also important to inform the international bodies about it, the organizations and the associations which act in the same direction as us. 
You charged me with this mission. But I can make nothing without you. I thus issue for you an appeal: make, about the other Movements of the Modern School, your experiences, your actions known, your reflections. 
Here is the remarkable demonstration that the school Freinet of Dagana, Senegal, initiated: A hike against violence in society that brought together nearly 500 people over 6 km. The school’s children-citizens participated with parents, educators and other engaged people.
Thank you Papa Meïssa Hanne for informing us.
Friendly to you
 Jean Le Gal
Mission Officer of FIMEM
Child Rights and Participatory Democracy”