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2019 Rapport Biennale par François Perdrial

François PERDRIAL, representative of FIMEM for the preparation of the Biennale (COPIL)


2nd BIENNIUM OF NEW EDUCATION meeting  Poitiers 




During the two years 2018 and 2019, several meetings were held in Paris and one in Poitiers to prepare the “2nd Biennale de l'Education Nationale “ which took place at the end of October 2019 at the University of Poitiers.

Sylvain Dufour (Friends of Freinet) and I participated in almost all the meetings of the Steering Committee (COPIL).

As a reminder, the following movements are members of the COPIL: CEMEA, CRAP, FESPI, FICEMEA, FIMEM, GFEN, ICEM, LINK

 The organizers of the second Biennial wanted to focus this Biennial at an international level. Therefore CEMEA and GFEN have submitted an ERASMUS + project to the European Commission.

The organisations were called  to participate to this ERASMUS project and to apply for a PIC code.

This is what I did after the RIDEF in Sweden writing to all the European movements of the FIMEM.

Only three European movements replied and submitted an application: the ERM and AMEM (North Africa is part of the ERASMUS + project). The Greek movement tried to submit a file but it was too late.

But sometimes happens that if a national movement in our group has already presented a case, the members of the movements of the project can also benefit from this aid. So it is for this reason that colleagues from the Russian, Greek and Belgian movements have been able to benefit from this project.

The OIF (Francophon) had promised a subsidy which did not arrive. So the delegate from the Bulgarian movement was not covered by the ERASMUS project, and the ICEM and the ToTs were able to cover, through a gesture of solidarity, a very large part of the costs.

 Reminder : FIMEM members participants at this 2nd Biennial : 

through ERAMUS + : Morocco : ID BABOU Mohamed; TOUADDI Ali, Asmaa Abouhamida, Italy : CARRATURO Cristina; TAMMARO Luigi, Greece LAHLOU Sophia; KANTOUROU Maria, Russia : KLEPNEVA Elena, France : GOMEZ Marguerite, PERDRIAL François , Bulgaria: TOSKHOVA Boyanka, Friends of Freinet and ICEM, Belgium: NIJS Katrien, SINTY Virginia, invited at the round table, Quebec: CARTIER Sylvie, freelance, workshop animator, Spain COSTA RICO Anton, freelance, Italy: GENITO Lanfranco, FIMEM workshop animator. Marguerite GOMEZ, ICEM, that participated more specifically in the FIMEM group.


Financial issue: ERASMUS + covered travel and accommodation costs ... But  according to an allocation budgétaire defined in advance, all the guests of each movement had overruns 

Members who were invited and/or subsidised by their movements gave back their surplus: This is the case of Katrien Nijs and me. This means that today, despite everything, we are still in a slight deficit of 770 euros.

The future?

The organizers have decided to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of LINK in 2021,

And to make the  2021: a "New Education" year, but since COVID has been through this, we have not scheduled any meetings... 

then to move forward :

as far as I'm concerned: I'd be happy  that, if the CA accepts it, for the period 2020-2022, I will  remain  as  FIMEM delegate for the future centenary meeting.  Sylvain Dufour, from Paris, can substitute me for some few meetings to avoid too many expenses.

Concerning the 2020-2022 budget, it will be necessary to foresee a biennial budget including my possible travel expenses, but we do not know today when (and if, and where) the 3rd biennial will take place.

 François Perdrial