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Our great AG3 Virtual General Assembly

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About our great assembly at RIDEF in Canada.

First we congratulate ourselves, only with a great effort, and the guarantee that our movement has as its main hallmark the will for democracy, we can do what we have done, thanks to all of us.

And then, immediately, criticism, analysis to improve.

I think the assembly is so important to us that it would be very beneficial for us to reflect now that we have it recent, before the mists of time make, of now, an idealized past, while each more or less successful intervention resounds in our ears in three languages Now, let's write, let's reflect cooperatively and redundantly, for the good of all.

We could go into detail, put ourselves in a situation before more than a week passes and analyze what was done or said that benefited or harmed the development of the assembly and tell it if we feel like it, it would be good to improve collectively. Draw consequences.

What is essential in the assembly and cannot be lost, cannot be left out of saying.

To what extent must you always keep in mind that the important thing is that the assembly be carried out as well as possible?

When it is better to be silent even if what you are going to say is interesting.

When and why to give up a motion (Andy) how a sax solo can be fundamental (Bux, Alfredo) in what way some words please, improve and give meaning (Teresita) how can someone make us feel proud (Glaucia) like a good moderation can save the impossible (Gabi) or a previous article can be the best breeding ground (Marco) ... so many memorable moments.

So many things that we rhetorically expected to happen and have happened, now it is not a debatable possibility, it is pure reality for a few days ... we have it recent.

The objective of this hasty reflection is to encourage writing, for my part I propose it.

(I also have to do the minutes ...)

Thank you all.