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Ridef QC-2020-suite et fin/ Ridef QC-2020-suite and end /Ridef QC-2020-suite y final

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November 25, 2020

Here is, in PDF format, the global report of the late " Ridef-QC-2020 ". You will find it  by connecting to the following link

Due to the amount of work involved, we have opted for a French version only. Sorry for the inconvenience!  We hope that bilingual colleagues will again agree to translate it for you.

Another report, giving access to all the links this time (evaluations of all the building sites, treasury file, documents and tools created by the RIDEF-QC 2020 OC), will be sent directly to the Fimem Board of Directors (BOD), the Organizing Committee (OC) of Morocco and the coordinator of Commission #6 on "the sustainable organization of the Ridef".

Mission accomplished!

Good reading!


The organizing committee