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2021.11.17. STATUTS Questionnaire de la commission 5



Communication from commission 5 to the FIMEM member movements




The objective of commission 5 is to provide FIMEM with statutes that strengthen its identity and confirm its relevance, in the continuity of its history and its political and pedagogical values. 

The statutes are the document on which the comrades agree on the fundamental rules of the management of the FIMEM, its functioning, the shared social objectives. It is a democratic tool necessary to face the present and the future with the conscience and serenity that also derive from a virtuous organizational functionality of our Federation.

For this reason, its revision requires the cooperative work of all the popular education movements.


Here is the questionnaire that we mentioned earlier.

Please answer it before December 15


Commission 5 commits itself to communicate regularly the state of its reflection and its questions, in view of the preparation of a vote at the next FIMEM General Assembly


Commission 5


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