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Beneficiaries of Solidarity 2020* (including aid from the Movements and individual donations)

 January 28 

Here are the principles that guided our choices

- Given the available budget and the costs of flights to Canada, which vary greatly depending on where they come from, we decided to offer a larger amount to each successful recipient. As a result, we had to resolve to assist fewer Movements. 

o Beneficiaries were selected from Affiliated Movements only (contributions as of December 2018): Benin-Burkina FasoCameroon-Mexico-Senegal-Togo-Uruguay

o The sum will be given to a single person for the Movements to share it or not with other members.  If so, all the names must be communicated to us by Friday, January 31, 2020.

o You will therefore have to choose :

the delegate and liaison officer of your Movement (new: 2-year mandate) - this person will have to have a good knowledge of the proceedings of a GA, of the positions of the Movement before the Ridef and agree to act as liaison officer between the Ridef;

the representative for affiliation - this person should be very involved in the creation or development of the Movement or the working group: Congo and Ghana.

the representative of the next Ridef - this person will have to be very involved in the organizing committee of this Ridef: Morocco, Bulgaria

*Even if all the amounts are not yet known (deadline end of February 2020), ALL those interested in participating in the Ridef must first REGISTER (Ridef 2020 website). The further examination of the registered persons and their payment (if solidarity and visa confirmed) will be done in a second step but they will already have a registration confirmation, very useful to start the visa procedures.  Once everything has been checked, the invitation letters will follow.

Mariel Ducharme

For the Fimem Board of Directors



November 20 was Universal Children's Day; 
it's been a few days, but rights have to be discussed every day. 
Here are a few considerations.

Un livre sur la PF au Sénégal

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Nous félicitons nos collègues Papa Meissa et Cheikh pour ce magnifique travail.

Vous pouvez l'obtenir auprès de l'ICEM ou des ADFs


Compte rendu de 16° séjour en Chine-Changsha-du 23 au 31 décembre 2019

 3 janvier 2020


                   FIMEM’s call

Dear friends,

Mise à jour des Commissions Internationales au 20 décembre 2019

Voici le planning des Commissions internationales de la FiMEM au 20 décember 2019.

Les persones qui souhaitent adhèrer, doivent conctacter le coordinateur, ou le membre de le CA FIMEM, qui est disponible pour la Commission.

bon travail!!

Pour le CA Fimem

Lanfranco Genito

Naissance de la FIMEM - Nantes 1957


Membres du CA de la FIMEM depuis 1957

Cette liste n'est pas définitive; elle comporte des oublis et  des erreurs. Proposez des corrections. Merci. F.P.




Rapport de la Ridef de Suède

Report and evaluation
RIDEF 2018 Ljungskile-Sweden


Jet FM - Interview de Jean Le Gal

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