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restitution of works of RAEF 2013 may 11th - AECEMO

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- FREINET MEETING SATURDAY THE 11th MAY 2013-05-20 Order of the day -Election of the Secretaries -Feedback from those who went to Morocco -Announcements of Past events The meeting began at about 10:30am with a word of greetings from Mrs. Jeanette Poka. It later on moved with the election of the two secretaries Anglophone and francophone. -Feedback from those who went to Morocco The presenters back from Morocco said that the journey was very successful. That they learnt as well as enjoyed a lot.

Rencontres africaines des éducateurs Freinet

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 3 RAEF. Maroc 

2019 la RAEF du Burkina Faso vue par un membre du CA FIMEM

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 Rapport de participation d’Antoinette Mengue Abesso à la RAEF du Burkina Faso

2020. Rapport de la RAEF5 organisée en 2019 par la Camem

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 en pièce jointe.

Le conflit dans l'éducation- septembre 2013 (Mexique)

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Detención de un activista durante el operativo de la Policía Federal, ayer en la Plaza de la ConstituciónFoto Ap (La Jornada. 14 septiembre 2013)

2013 3e RAEF à Tiznit ( Maroc)

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