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RIDEF 2016 IN BENIN : some informations

Hello to all,
We are happy to welcome you to Benin, in Dogbo for the RIDEF 2016.
Some useful information to welcome you better.
A- For those that are going to arrive by plane.
1-A team will be in a permanent way in the airport of Cotonou. This team is constituted by the cell of the ABEM of Cotonou
2 -some buses will be put at the disposal of the team to transport people of the airport in Dogbo that is to 120 kilometers of Cotonou.

a tool for working all together on one document : Dropbox

What it is ?

Dropbox  is a  saving space present in your computer or  computers and internet.  A part of this space is public and in anoter space is private.    An index may be share beetween many persons who installed

Two gigaoctets  are free

Les "livres" sur le site

Sur le site de la FIMEM, certains contenus sont reliés entre eux en "livres". En quoi cela consiste?

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