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commissions to help the FIMEM


During  the Swedish Ridef, you have committed for creating commissions to help the Board and to move forward on issues that need updating.

Now it's time to think together and get involved in these various commissions.

FREINET IN ENGLISH / comment partager des ressources?

How to gather, create and share English Freinet ressources?


Hello, English understanding Freinet Friends 


(especially the people who do not understand French)




Evalutation chiffrée


transportation from Cotonou to the place of RIDEF


a team 'll be  at the airport for welcome Ridefians  and help them to bring their lugages from Cotonou to Dogbo
The ABEM pole which is at Cotonou takes care of that job
Edward Dohou

banque RIDEF 2016 ( Europe)


Voici le RIB de la banque européenne  qui reçoit l'argent  des inscriptions  pour la RIDEF 2016  au Bénin

Explanation of the logo of the RIDEF 2016

Explanation of the logo of the RIDEF 2016

Registration form RIDEF 2016