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Interview of Célestin Freinet on a radio broadcast

Célestin Freinet in 1958 : "We are teachers.  That's our choice. But, teachers are used to working alone. When they succeed in doing something, they don't dare sharing with colleagues, for fear of comments such as "who do YOU think you are, what are you talking to me ? " When they fail, obviously they won't speak about their failure at all .

Le groupe d'Education nouvelle d'Eure-et-Loir et l'essor du mouvement Freinet (1927-1947), par Josette UEBERSCHLAG

Le groupe d'Education nouvelle d'Eure-et-Loir et l'essor du mouvement Freinet (1927-1947), par Josette UEBERSCHLAG

Invariants of Freinet in french and english

Pedagogical Invariables

By Célestin Freinet in 1964

Célestin Freinet et son mouvement

Some important dates of Célestin Freinet's itinerary and the Movement he initiated...
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Plate "50 years"School Bartolomé Cossio (Mexico)



Chers camarades


Le cinquantenaire de la révolution de Mai 68, m'a amené à me replonger dans les actions menées par les militants de l'Ecole Moderne, affirmant que la pédagogie Freinet reposait sur une conception sociale et politique révolutionnaire.

UNESCO : World Book And Copyright Day 23 April.


"Books are at the intersection of some of the most essential human freedoms, primarily freedoms of expression and freedom to publish. These are fragily freedoms "

Audrey Azoulay,  Director General of UNESCO. 


23 April is a symbolic date for world litterature.  It is  on this date in1616 that  Cervantes, Shakespeare,  And Inca Garcilass de la Vega all died.

Mario Lodi "L' arte del bambino" 1992

 Era il 1992 e Mario Lodi ci presenteva la sua idea a proposito delle linee di sviluppo dell'ARTE DEL BAMBINO, una bella lezione che vale la pena di rivedere.

Freinet-Pädagogik. 1957 "L' Art à l' École Internationale"

Freinet Pädagogik

"L' Art à l' École Internationale"

Ausstellung im Musée des Beaux Arts Lausanne.

Hier die Ausschreibung im L' Éducateur n° 8-année 1956-1957- Edition Culturelle (mit weiteren Erläuterung durch Elise Freinet und Paul Le Bohec.

Membres du CA de la FIMEM depuis 1957

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