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Recherche: Historical element, RIDEF

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list of 30 RIDEF from 1968 to 2014, with their themas.

Rencontre Internationale des Educateurs Freinet


1957 : Congrès fondateur de la F.I.M.E.M.
1958 :
Congrès de Bruxelles

Interview of Célestin Freinet on a radio broadcast

Célestin Freinet in 1958 : "We are teachers.  That's our choice. But, teachers are used to working alone. When they succeed in doing something, they don't dare sharing with colleagues, for fear of comments such as "who do YOU think you are, what are you talking to me ? " When they fail, obviously they won't speak about their failure at all .

La RIDEF de Tlemcen (1975)

Répartition par pays des présents à la RIDEF de Poitiers

A la  RIDEF de Poitiers :

340 participants dont une cinquantaine d'enfants venus de 28 pays différents : soit

Liste complète des RIDEF depuis la 1ère en 1968

1 1968 BELGIQUE - Chimay
2 1969 ITALIE - Montebelluna
3 1970 TCHECOSLOVAQUIE - Bratislava et Martin
4 1971 LIBAN - Beyrouth
5 1972 DANEMARK - Hillerod
6 1973 TUNISIE - Carthage
7 1974 GRANDE-BRETAGNE - Edimbourg
8 1975 ALGERIE - Tlemcen
9 1976 POLOGNE - Plock
10 1977 PORTUGAL - Lisbonne

List of the FIMEM meetings