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RIDEF 2018: Registrations for official pre/postridef

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 RIDEF Suède 2018:

Registrations for official pre/postridef

manifeste contre les politiques migratoires européennes voté à la RIDEF de Suède en 2018

MANIFESTO 350 educators from 27 countries meet at the 32nd International Meeting of Educators Freinet (RIDEF) at Ljungskile in Sweden.

During the last fifteen years, an "atomic bomb" has been deployed in the Mediterranean: 34,361 victims so far, including many children.

2014-07.21. Contribution à notre discussion sur la laïcité

 J´ai fait un essai à traduire un chapitre d´un livre d´une copine dans notre mouvement, Inger Nordheden. Le chapitre raconte son expérience en enseignant la religion et la foi comme phenomène - dans sa classe "mulitculturelle" dans une cité de Stockholm.

Intéressante contribution à nos tables rondes sur la laicité pendant la Ridef je trouve.

Ne sachant comment l´introduire sous "document", je l´envoie ici comme annexe. Espérons que Inger y soit elle-mëme pour pouvoir raconter son



Lena Alexanderson


2018 Rapport de la Ridef de Suède

Report and evaluation
RIDEF 2018 Ljungskile-Sweden


Texte d'Inger Nordheden

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Document of swedish movement for substitute David by Mia

Utdrag ur Protokoll från styrelsemöte i Freinetrörelsen i Sverige den 24:e januari 2013 

Extract from a protocol from the Swedish committee of the Movement of Freinet the 24:th of January 2013 


RIDEF 2018: Compte-rendu du comité d'organisation

RIDEF 2018

-Compte-rendu du comité d'organisation

-This is the present situation about the planning of the ridef 2018:

Thème RIDEF 2018

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Theme for RIDEF in Sweden 2018 - Modern Communication Is about the Transportation of Ideas and Substance

On the 18th December 2010 the unemployed Tunisian academic Mohammed Bouazizi burnt himself to death as a protest against the Tunisian regime. That became the start of the so called the Arab Spring. No Arab Spring would have been possible without Facebook! Messages were sent out at a speed which no one could have imagined five years ago! To many children all over the world this is a reality that they find completely normal and indeed natural. They were born into a digital world!

Teachers "liking" their work ? Exploring the realities of teachers...

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