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Recherche: Individual work plans

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Vidéos de classes sur le site de l'ICEM

Ces vidéos montrent des instantanés de classe. Ce ne sont pas des "modèles", juste des tranches de vie. 

Two years after the earthquake in Emilia Romana


In May 2012, Reggio Emilia was the epicenter of an earthquake with a magnitude of almost 6.0. Fortunately, there were in this city neither injured nor significant property damage.



Due to  numerous aftershocks 17 people were killed in Emilia Romana, the region affected by the earthquake (with the cities Modena, Ferrara, and Bologna) . Most of the victims died in factories and warehouses.

Thousands lost their homes.

The quakes destroyed cultural treasures of inestimable value.


Compte-rendu séminaire mai 2014 AECEMO