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2014.07.29. Summary of some points made ​​in the workshop of Francesco Tonuci, "The city of children"

By Claudia Crevenna

A girl from the city of Rosario, Argentina said in the Council of Children: "The adults are the guilty of everything. We have to set limits for the adults."

A girl from Canada, at the 1992 Rio Summit said: "Adults say they love us, that we are important, that they care for us. What you do makes me cry in the evening."

2014.07.09. Journal expérimental de la Ridef

Un atelier journal de la RIDEF expérimental, qui a fonctionné en pédagogie Freinet

Entretien avec le comité de rédaction d'Il Giornalino Della RIDEF

Our online Newspaper for the 2018 RIDEF

We kindly invite you to read the Official Newspaper for the 8Ljungskile RIDEF 2018, "Freinet's Print".

The body at school, free to participate

Workshop 4
Wednesday July 20, 2016
The body at school, free to participate
Twelve participants launched their activities in happiness and good mood.

2016. Atelier Apprendre ensemble par la coopération et les médias

Atelier no 14 – Apprendre ensemble par la coopération et les médias

Long workshop : Technics Freinet

This workshop is about the most frequent technics of Freinet pedagogy.

Its was a great experience because people from differents part of world can explain and learn to each other : we were from Brasil, Chile, Italia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Cote d'Ivoire, Benin and France. We used technics Freinet to learn this technics !

I will change a lot my way of teaching in September but a need all the month of august to think about it : it's very very rich !

Thanks to all the participants and specially to Sebastian and Alfredo.



Workshop coeducation - Ridef 2018 Ljunksile

"Communication with families with a view to coeducation"

2014 Atelier long à Reggio L'école buissonnière

Atelier long L'école buissonnière RIDEF de Reggio Emilia (22-30 juillet 2014)               version 20140729

Le film de Jean-Paul Le Chanois, 1949, magistralement joué par un jeune Bernard Blier dans le rôle de Monsieur Pascal, montre comment Célestin Freinet envisage et met en acte sa profession.

2014 100 Atividades Infantis


Para Ser Feliz – 100 Atividades Infantis
Waldilia Cordeiro
Ana Beatriz Vale
Maria Jose de Moura