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2020 mai Compte-rendu du CA-FIMEM


Minutes of the Board of Directors

The year begins in routine... unaware that we are of what is happening on the planet.

We prepare the solidarity files for the Ridef...

We are calling for participation in the commissions.  

2020.01 Compte rendu du CA Octobre 2019 à janvier 2020

CR October 2019 to January 2020


2019 8-10 compte-rendu du CA août - octobre

Compte-rendu trimestriel du CA

2012 Reunión anual del CA en León (ridef)

Informe de los acuerdos del CA sobre la próxima RIDEF 2012, que se celebrará en León (España).

2018.07.05 Compte rendu du CA FIMEM


Minutes of the April, May and June 2018 Board meetings


We have decided to offer solidarity to a person from Madagascar so that she can create contacts and become familiar with the functioning of Fimem BEFORE proceeding with a possible membership application.

Meeting report of March-April-May 2017

Summary of the Board's virtual meetings of September, October and November 2016

CAMEM convention The convention is being finalized with Samie and is now at the FIMEM Board level to be examined. Nuccia, Mariel, Sylviane and Antoinette have already collected information to give a clear picture to the Board as to its position concerning the convention. Congo and Burkina Faso project The project is at the Board level and analyses will be carried out in January. Translation of texts The general motion on education, infor69 and the President's letter are already translated into English and Spanish.