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2020.09.09.Propositions de l'ICEM pour une suite d'AG3 FIMEM

FR - Les délégué·e· de l'ICEM pour l'AG FIMEM soumettent à la décision du CA de la FIMEM et proposent aux représentant·e·s des mouvements membres de la FIMEM d'organiser  une suite d'AG3 FIMEM 2020 pour donner à la FIMEM les moyens de poursuivre ses buts d'ici la prochaine AG.
Notre proposition figure en 3 langues (traductions non vérifiées) dans les pièces jointes.

2016 INFOR 68 Ridef Dogbo



 INFOR 68   DOGBO Bénin


THANKS for my election at CA of Fimem

Text of my thanks, that I did not have time to read, at the FIMEM General Assembly in Ljungskile

Thank you to all, for my election at CA of Fimem.
I want to thank first my Italian companeros, after my friend Nuccia Maldera. I also greet Eduard, that after a few years, leaves the CA.
I am very honored, to have been elected in such an important organism as the CA of Fimem; the federation of our associations of educators who, as volunteers, dedicate part of their time and their energies, to a better world. I promise to do my best, to honor this position.