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Le boeuf de Piaui

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A voir sur le site des Amis de Freinet une page sur le "boeuf de Piaui", présenté de RIDEF en RIDEF depuis 1990.

Vous pourrez écouter les chants qui accompagnent la danse traditionnelle autour du boeuf :

THANKS for my election at CA of Fimem

Text of my thanks, that I did not have time to read, at the FIMEM General Assembly in Ljungskile

Thank you to all, for my election at CA of Fimem.
I want to thank first my Italian companeros, after my friend Nuccia Maldera. I also greet Eduard, that after a few years, leaves the CA.
I am very honored, to have been elected in such an important organism as the CA of Fimem; the federation of our associations of educators who, as volunteers, dedicate part of their time and their energies, to a better world. I promise to do my best, to honor this position.

Correspondance internationale - campagne de mail-art


help the Italian movement

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International correspondence - mail art campaign

This year, finally, La Poste in France has agreed to issue a stamp in tribute to Célestin and Élise Freinet.
What to do at the international level?

Un lycée pour tous?|Coop'ICEM. Catherine Chabrun

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 Un lycée pour tous?|Coop'ICEM

Coop'ICEM-La site officiel de l' Institut Coopératif de l' École Moderne.


On parle beaucoup de la Réforme du Code du travail...mais il y a aussi le temps scolaire et le lycée dans le viseur des réformes.

Un autre lycée, mais lequel?

Des  propositions pas très neuves...issues de l' Education Nouvelle.

Catherine Chabrun

Uruguay---- un mouvement de la FIMEM. MEP-FU

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 Bienvenue à nos ami-e-s d' Uruguay

Dictionnaire de la pédagogie Freinet : Un ouvrage par des praticiens pour les praticiens

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Dans le Café Pédagogique du 22 août 2018

Choose now the long workshop that you want to follow!

Dear Freinet friends,
Ridef is coming closer.

Important: we want to ask you to choose your long workshop now.
So please make your choice today! Several workshop leaders would like to contact their participants before Ridef starts. Thank you.

You can choose and read all information about the long workshops. Choose on this link.
You can still send us your proposition for your own short workshop. Propose on this link

To see all the short workshops we have received so far: have a look here.

We wish everyone good luck with preparation and visa procedures.

Hope to see you soon in Ljungskile!



Ridef organiser group

Check the newspage on the ridef website:

RIDEF 2018: Registrations for official pre/postridef

 RIDEF Suède 2018:

Registrations for official pre/postridef