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Condemnation of Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip

The General Assembly of the International Federation of Modern School - Freinet pedagogy (FIMEM), gathered on July 23, 2014 in Reggio nell' Emilia on the occasion of the 30th International Meeting of Freinet educators (RIDEF), condemns the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip, which already lead to death, including children and young people, many injured and considerable damage to homes and infrastructure. The General Assembly requests that the international law and the UN recommendations are respected and peace established.

INFOR 65: letter from the President

After four years in the CA, in this last letter I want to analyze and express my opinion on some of the issues that have worried me, especially the last two years I've been the president of the FIMEM.

Reflexions sur la Ridef

Super l'idée du journal! Alors j'en profite... Bravo pour tous ceux qui ont participé à l'organisation de cette rencontre. Je suis très heureux d'y participer pour la première fois.