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Au lycée autogéré de Paris


We are  thinking with you and support you in your self-management process.

We condemn these absurd attacks, aimed at reducing the right to democracy and self-government.

We wish you all the courage to continue on the path you have chosen and congratulate you on your perseverance despite the attempts at intimidation you are undergoing.



Document pour ceux qui croient que l’éducation peut changer le monde

Document pour ceux qui croient que l’éducation peut changer le monde

Un des freins de l’éducation africaine

Le 18 juillet 2016, une Rencontre Internationale des Educateurs Freinet foula pour la première fois le sol béninois à l’ENI-Dogbo. Quelle chance et opportunité pour nous d’accueillir une organisation si magnifique ! Nous ne pouvons que nous en réjouir avec la philosophie et la pédagogie prônée par Freinet, un grand pédagogue défenseur des droits des enfants à s’exprimer en toute liberté.

Condemnation of Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip

The General Assembly of the International Federation of Modern School - Freinet pedagogy (FIMEM), gathered on July 23, 2014 in Reggio nell' Emilia on the occasion of the 30th International Meeting of Freinet educators (RIDEF), condemns the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip, which already lead to death, including children and young people, many injured and considerable damage to homes and infrastructure. The General Assembly requests that the international law and the UN recommendations are respected and peace established.

INFOR 65: letter from the President

After four years in the CA, in this last letter I want to analyze and express my opinion on some of the issues that have worried me, especially the last two years I've been the president of the FIMEM.

Comunicado del Movimiento por una Educación Popular Alternativa de México

Los miembros del Movimiento por una educación popular alternativa (MEPA), manifestamos nuestra indignación y horror ante el asesinato de estudiantes y civiles y la desaparición de 43 normalistas de la Escuela Normal rural “Isidro Burgos” de Ayotzinapa, Gro. a manos de policías municipales infiltrados por el crimen organizado.

Reflexions sur la Ridef

Super l'idée du journal! Alors j'en profite... Bravo pour tous ceux qui ont participé à l'organisation de cette rencontre. Je suis très heureux d'y participer pour la première fois.

freinet Pedagogy in Academic Situation


Freinet Pedagogy in Academic Education
Celestin Freinet’s pedagogy (referred to as Freinet Pedagogy) and terms connected with it such as ‘expression’, ‘creative activity’, ‘intellectual and social development’, ‘subjectivity and dignity of a student’, ‘free writing’, ‘school newspaper’, ‘field investigation’, ‘Freinet teachers’ do not need to be associated with early education (what happens quite often). Essential concepts of Freinet Pedagogy may be close to any teacher’s heart, independent of his or her students’ age, which also includes academic teachers.

Message du MMEM (Mexique) au MCEP