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 We have set up a working model for virtual AG  in 

courriers pour l'AG

to read as soon as possible

Workshop coeducation - Ridef 2018 Ljunksile

"Communication with families with a view to coeducation"

Our great AG3 Virtual General Assembly

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About our great assembly at RIDEF in Canada.

First we congratulate ourselves, only with a great effort, and the guarantee that our movement has as its main hallmark the will for democracy, we can do what we have done, thanks to all of us.

Maestro Benaiges: Visions of the sea through the eyes of children who have never seen it

The 25th 1936 the Freinet-teacher Antoni Benaigés was killed in secret by the Franco regime and put in a mass grave together with more than one hundred people. But his grave was found. You can see it in the middle of the picture thanks to the group of Sergi Bernal. He follows the traces through history in the powerful language of images. They are visions of history through the eyes of people who have never seen it.

2020.06 Nouvelles - Noticias -News QUEBEC

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 en pièces jointes.


Préparation de la RIDEF de Saint Herblain avril 2009

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Réunion au local de l'IDEM 44 du groupe organisateur de la RIDEF 2010  en avril 2009

 Etaient présents des représentants  de l'IDEM 44, du GLEM,  du Lycée Agricole Jules Rieffel de Saint-Herblain, des Amis de Freinet et des CEMEA des Pays de La Loire

Photos Odile Perdrial

Post-Ridef de Nantes : Nos camarades africains chez les Perdrial et les Potin (été 2010)

   Les délégations des mouvements béninois, togolais et burkinabés se retrouvent au lendemain de la RIDEF chez Jeanne et Joël Potin à Campbon et chez Odile et François à Nantes. (photos Odile Perdrial)

Bénin : Joseph Agossou, Jean Dayé, Simon Bessan, Edouard Dohou

Burkina Faso : Karim Nikiema

Togo : Kanfitine Bamibane, Kpandang Komla

Photos de la RIDEF 2010 à Saint Herblain

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Photos prises par Odile Perdrial

2018 Rapport de la Ridef de Suède

Report and evaluation
RIDEF 2018 Ljungskile-Sweden


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