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2018 Rapport de la Ridef de Suède

Report and evaluation
RIDEF 2018 Ljungskile-Sweden


manifeste contre les politiques migratoires européennes voté à la RIDEF de Suède en 2018

MANIFESTO 350 educators from 27 countries meet at the 32nd International Meeting of Educators Freinet (RIDEF) at Ljungskile in Sweden.

During the last fifteen years, an "atomic bomb" has been deployed in the Mediterranean: 34,361 victims so far, including many children.

Vidéos de la RIDEF de Ljungskile

"It's gonna be beautiful weather, the whole week!" II Ridef News day 1, Friday



RIDEF 2018: Registrations for official pre/postridef

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 RIDEF Suède 2018:

Registrations for official pre/postridef

Teachers "liking" their work ? Exploring the realities of teachers...

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RIDEF 2018: How to get a visa for Sweden /FIMEM

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 RIDEF 2018

How to get a visa for Sweden 


Official website:

How to get a visa for Sweden ?

In certain countries, Sweden is represented by another Schengen country. If you intend to hand in your visa application at another Schengen country’s mission abroad, you should contact the mission in advance. In such cases, it is this country’s documentary requirements which will apply.CHECK! For the Swedish, Danish and Italian (?) embassies the documents should be translated to English. For the French and Belgian: French?


Informations in English :

Registrations for ridef 2018 are open!


Göteborg 2018 12 06


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