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Our great AG3 Virtual General Assembly

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About our great assembly at RIDEF in Canada.

First we congratulate ourselves, only with a great effort, and the guarantee that our movement has as its main hallmark the will for democracy, we can do what we have done, thanks to all of us.

2020.08.15 Carta - Letter - Lettre de la REMFA por una AG3 abierta

 Carta de la REMFA, apoyada por los Movimientos mexicanos, el MCE italiano, el MCEP español y el REPEF brasileño. 

220.08.14 Asamblea de Lenguas Esp/IT/Port AGV2 - Rapport - Acta - Minutes

 Asamblea de Lenguas Esp/IT/Port  AGV2 - Rapport - Acta - Minutes

2020. Nouvelles du Quebec

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 Vous trouverez ici le message de nos amis canadiens.

Here is a message from our Canadian friends.

Aqui encontrara el mensaje de nuestros amigos canadienses.

2020. documents pour hommage - tribute - homenaje

 Vous trouverez en pièces jointes les documents concernant un hommage à nos disparus.

Se adjuntan los documentos relativos a un homenaje a nuestros desaparecidos.

Attached are the documents relating to a tribute to our missing


2020.06 Nouvelles - Noticias -News QUEBEC

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 en pièces jointes.


2020 Message du CA : la NON-Ridef du Québec


Good morning, people,

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