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Vidéos de la RIDEF de Ljungskile

"It's gonna be beautiful weather, the whole week!" II Ridef News day 1, Friday




"I might surprise them!" II Ridef News day 2, Saturday




“Happy, happy!” II Ridef News day 3, Sunday




"I'd say 99 % can do the change, and the last 1 doesn't belong in school!"  Ridef News day 4, Monday




“Ljungskile is a quiet little town“ II Ridef News day 5, Tuesday




“It’s a bit too hot” II Ridef News day 7, Thursday




“It’s all based on the word communication” II Ridef News day 8, Friday

First up in this episode we see last night’s multicultural event that included presentations of Quebec, France, Austria, Japan, Germany, Italy and Greece.




Weekend episode II Ridef News day 9 & 10



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