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projet GRUNTVIG RIDEF 2014

150 Workshop Reference number: 2013-1-IT2-GRU13-52114 Venue: Reggio nell''Emilia Date of the Workshop: 21/07/2014 - 30/07/2014 European Urban Tales for the impr ovement for literacies of adults Subject area: Basic skills Working language(s): IT Target Group + Translation : Strategies for helping immigrants and adults in problematic situat ions make the transition from functional to cultural literacy T eachers, educators, cultural medi ators and libraria ns involved in adult education or L2 teaching 22 (2 of whom from the hosting country) Main activities Programme + Programme translation: The workshop deals with linguistic education and reading as means of democracy and participation. Reading should be considered as an indispensabl e instrument for the full realization of active citizenship. Recent investigations re veal that one in five adults doe s not acquire a level of literacy adequate to her or his practical and emotional needs. The works hop will be held at the XXX Ridef (Rencontre Internationale des Educateurs Freinet) meeting, entitled "Sguardi che cambiano il mondo. Abitare insieme la città delle bambine e dei bambini" (“Living together in the city of children. Gazes that change the world”). It will offer us the opportunity to focus on “reading the world” skills with the aim of going beyond a litera l and limited use of language and reading. We are going to explore the city in the same way we expl ore a language we wish to learn, or a story whose linguistic exploration yields to us a meaningful experience as opposed to a sense of alienation. Different working situations are going to be pro posed to the participants: a) Knowledge exchange on language teaching and adult literacy teaching syst ems in the participants ’ countries; sharing of ideas and skills about urban and social spaces en couraging or hindering inte gration and learning. b) Routes through the city allowing pa rticipants to direc tly experience the f eeling of linguistic alienation encountered by illiterate individuals or foreigners, who are not yet capable of decoding the language of their host country. c) Reading and (re)narration of the explored spaces through stimuli tied to visual and performance arts; taking pa rt as spectators in a fo rum of “Theatre of the Oppressed”; elaboration through digital technologies and recycled materials. d) Encounters with typical realities of the urban environment; use of th e urban ateliers and visits to the exhibitions of “Centro Internazionale Loris Malagu zzi”; contributions by experts. e) The workshop ends with a re- examination of the experiences had during the workshop and with a public presentation of the produced materials. The workshop is going to be held in several languages, with English and French translation. Translation in six languages is guaranteed for the collective moments of the workshop (see point d). Workshop Organiser: MOVIMENTO DI COOPERAZIONE EDUCATIVA (MCE) Contact details: Via dei Sabelli 119 00185 Roma IT-ITALY Tel: +39 064457228 Mobile: +39 3474802737 E-mail:


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