Interview of Hélène AUBERT, who experienced the RIDEF long workshop "the democratic participation of the children"

Submitted by Virginie Marechal on 04/08/14 – 15:05

Hélène Aubert, teaching in a primary school located in an unpriviledged area, in Paris suburbs, came to the RIDEF in order to deal with her daily teaching problems. She also decided to follow this long workshop to be able to adapt to her own context and own pupils the general strategies developing the democratic participation of the children. 

She's now leaving the RIDEF Italia  with pragmatic solutions but also and above all with a strong desire to commit herself in her district, to enlarge the children influence in the decision-making processes in her city, her team and her school. She was really moved by examples of children contributions to society. 
She's now sharing with us her experience of the workshop and her plans for the next school year. She's so enthusiastic that we feel like imitating her  when reading her...