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Interview with Mia Vävare, CA member of FIMEM

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Mia Vävare is the Swedish representative in the board of FIMEM, since she replaced the author of this article. She arrived to Reggio for the CA-meeting this Sunday.

What has the CA worked on since last time?

Well, we have discussed the result of Giancarlo's visit in Benin. He has been

presented the logistics and the organization.

Another thing is the

current RIDEF in Reggio since FIMEM is one of the financiers.

We have also been involved in the book project about children's rights that Giancarlo and the other Italians ha

vestarted. Pupils write about their reality. The result will be presented on the RIDEF.

Well, another thing is the

approval of new movements, for example Haiti. An advisor for each movement shall be elected. For instance Mexico will help Haiti.

There are also a lot of practical things to do: work with the budget, writing reports, etc.

It will be a challenge to go further without three trendsetting persons who will leave the board this year: Renate, François and Pilar . Let's see who will replace them.

Which is your role in the board?

My task has been to translate into English and to be the communicator between the board and the Swedish movement since we

are candidate for RIDEF 2018.

It's stimulating to be a member of the board since it's really competent persons who work there.

We are a good team. You have to cope with sitting in very long meetings...

You have to be patient even when you don't understand everything immediately. Sometimes I have to break the discussions in French to take it in Spanish or English. French is the first language since everyone in the board understands French.

Does the board discuss the future a lot?

Yes, we do. But we have no plan for rejuvenation. I think that the national movements are respons

ible for that. Everyone would love to see a rejuvenation but it does not come by itself.