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Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 28/09/15 – 09:40
Mention an essencial right or a need 
We have the right to:
·         Life and a better life
·         Tools to grow up properly
·         Food and drinks
·         Clothes
·         Have a house
·         Physical activities
·         Health
·         Live near a hospital
·         Live in a healthy environment and in a world whitout pollution
·         Never surrender
·         A name
·         Be cured and to live in a happy family with love and affection
·         Have responsible parents
·         No wars in the world because they separated us from our families. Our dads go to war with the risk of die
·         Wars are horrible, cruel and fair
·         Not to be abandoned 
·         To friendship
·         To see positive behaviours to conway the mas adults
  • To freedom
  • Not to work in mines or to be exploited
  • Not to be treated as slaves
  • To complain about important things
  • Not to be afraid
  • Not to be offended and bulled by older kids
  • To respect and protection
  • Not to be involved in crimes and war actions
  • The school must be a workshop where people cooperate and help each other to improve their lifestyle
  • To a good school, to study
  • To learn good things ( concepts, ideas)
  • To learn literacy as well as developed, politness and enjoy friendship
  • To discover nature
  • To play
  • To have fun
  • To expression and verbal interaction
  • To be listened to and consulted us before making decisions we are envolvd in
If you could ask an adult to do something for children, what would you for ask?
  • Happiness for everyone whitout wars and following their needs
  • Children must be respected because they are all the same
  • Dont be selfish,  open your heart becaus somewhere in the world a child needs yout help
  • No more wars no more children soldiers
  • We want to live in peace
  • We have created some slogans , for example ‘war is horrible we love peace’
  • I’d like more green spaces to play we want people to cut less trees and to build less houses
  • Don’t pollute the world but recycle good for a better futur
  • Close down all the factories exploting children and adults
  • Ensure children the right to education and make them live in a non violent world
  • Bring them up with love and no violence
  • Children must be respected and never beated. Otherwise they will became violent adults
  • Select a good tutor to support them or a supporting family
  • Learn to respect their feelings
  • Protect working children providing their with the proper education
  • Aid them to become good adults
  • To be so brave to protect them from any dangers
  • Give them freedom
  • Spend your freetime with them to understand their needs
  • Choose the right toys for them
• States and the  richest people should give money to make  children  happy without poverty, helping children who have nothing
• In addition to looking  forward, we must also look back
• let the  children talk   and don’t say to  them: ‘Shut up, he/she is talking now’
• remember you were a chid as welll
• When you were  a child,  did  you need any  rights or something else?
• Don’t  treat  children badly  . And if you were in their shoes?
• If you knew  how much  it is wrong  to be an earful!
• Adults  ask us  for respect, but  they must start to respect us.
• Have you  ever noticed   what happens to children in your country? (addressing   politicians)
  • All children have the right to life
• You  complain about  vendors,  the ' Gypsies ', and then you destroy their houses whereas you  should build  them to improve integration
• Campaign against shopping for mums. Avoid buying products made  exploiting
       children (e.g. lipsticks that contain mica carved by Indian children)
   • Don’t see problems  and forget about them, you must react.  We don't need  indifferent                         
• Children must check that the rights are applied.
• We need to build more schools, and rebuild  the damaged  ones
• Children's rights must be respected all over the world. You know that it isn’t  so.
• Young people should have the right to a healthy environment, to family, to life, to live in a house, to food, to freedom, to education, to a good school, and expression. That is, the right to speak, to be             lissened to  and consulted as for  matters concerning  them.
• According to articles 44 and 45 of the Convention a UN Committee must control  the application and the progress of human rights in States parties. Does the European Union take into account what  this Committee recommends ?
• According to article 50 of the Convention  amendments can be done to the law  approved  by the UN Assembly in 1989.  Does the European Union supports programmes to fight the phenomenon of  soldiers children?
• What can we do to defeat all these negative aspects and the violation  of human rights regarding children of our age or even  younger?
The children of the world  are everybody’s children: what does it mean ?
• "The world belongs to  children. The children of the world are everyone’s children ". If we don't understand that all children  must have the same rights, the world will never change.
• Adults must intervene in dangerous  situations  even if  children are  not theirs.
• Adults  shouldn’t only look after  their own family,  but also other people’s  children. Children must be treated well by everyone, helpig them  and listening to them.
• A child is a human being who is not indipendent so he/she should be helped.
• Children are adults’ heritage , their future, and they’ll convey what they learned
• All adults should consider  children  as if they  were their own children. They should love  and protect  them, bringing out their abilities.
• Children belong to everyone  of   because they are similar.
• If children get  lost you have to help them
• It is necessary to help children  all over the world even those who are far away  and poor
• You must give them all love because they feel  the same emotions.
• If children are treated well by everyone even when they grow up they will treat  children well.
 • Adults must stay together with children.
• Children’s rights are not respected around the world

( conversations with: third classes A-B  Azzolini primary school, Mirano-Ve, 4th classes in Nazario  Sauro primary school , Maerne-Ve, 4th classes A-B  Marco Polo Spinea-Ve, second and third years  of  scuola media-   Bertolini Portogruaro-Ve)