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Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 04/09/18 – 14:49





 (RIDEF 2020)

 We did not obtain the issue of a commemorative stamp for the centenary of Freinet. Nothing for the fiftieth anniversary of his death. On October 15, 2018 will be put on sale in France a stamp in tribute to Célestin and Élise Freinet.

The French Freinet Movements will take this opportunity to explain our pedagogy and to say how it opposes the reforms imposed on us.

How to give an international reach to what is the only country in France?

Reminding that the opening of his class was the first teaching act of Freinet, long time before having introduced the printing press in his school.

Recalling that school correspondence (and between teachers) was started in the early 1920s.

Recalling that international correspondence is part of the Freinet Techniques that we have placed among our priorities. A network is currently being set up in response to a request from RIDEF Ljungskile which has just been completed.

Why did you choose the mail-art (the decoration of postal envelopes)?

Because this technique does not take time.

Because it is for all of us an opportunity to participate in a collective work, as we did in 1996 for the international exhibition of maps and drawings at UNESCO in Paris.

Several actions are proposed that are not exclusive.

For collectors philatelists: assume the shipping costs and we will send you an envelope with the stamp and stamp "First Day":


to París - François and Odile PERDRIAL, 39 rue Jean-Emile Laboureur 44,000 Nantes

or Sylvain DUFOUR 6 rue Saintine 78160 Marly-le-Roi – France


toVence - Michel MULAT, The Baptistine 04240 Ubraye France.

For those who practice international correspondence, send to your French correspondents envelopes decorated with the stamp of your country, they will answer you in mail-art with the effigy stamp of Célestin and Élise Freinet. Your envelopes are likely to be exhibited at post offices in France during the week starting October 15th (in this case, schedule deadlines). Ask your correspondents photos of the exhibition. It's a commitment we do not know if it can be held ...

In any case, let's prepare a big exhibition.On the internet by scanning or photographing with a good definition the best of your work. In Quebec, as we propose, we will fill a wall devoted to this correspondence. As soon as they are done, send photos or scans of your creations to ... michel.mulat@cvc-freinet.org

Who can participate?Everyone, from kindergarten to university, educators and teachers, pensioners, parents, cousins, neighbors ... In the direction of the French correspondents, but also - without the stamp Freinet, towards all your correspondents. Just think about filling a wall of decorated envelopes during the RIDEF of Quebec. Envelopes, but also letters or emails. 

How to decorate envelopes?It is only necessary that the part reserved for the address makes it perfectly legible. We must not forget to put a stamp on the envelope that corresponds to the weight and the country to which it is sent. You can draw, paint, make collages, treat the envelope in computer graphics, simply place a poem, a haiku, a maxim, ...

Let the festivities begin!


Michel Mulat pour 

les CA  ICEM, FIMEM et AdF