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We are surprised and sorry to discover that in recent years, school directors from various parts of the world have been trying to make Freinet's name a national label  that gives them the right to control the productions of their colleagues as well as Royalties.

FIMEM strongly opposes this process:

Freinet's name belongs to his own family and they alone can decide how to use it .. and especially ..

Congresso Nacional: Em defesa das Universidades Públicas Brasileiras

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I just signed the petition "National Congress: In defense of Brazilian Public Universities" and I wanted to know if you can help by signing it too.


Our goal is to get 3,000,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more about this subject and sign the petition here:


Thank you! Thank you!



International correspondence


International correspondence

the year of the issue of the Célestin et Élise Freinet stamp

manifeste contre les politiques migratoires européennes voté à la RIDEF de Suède en 2018

MANIFESTO 350 educators from 27 countries meet at the 32nd International Meeting of Educators Freinet (RIDEF) at Ljungskile in Sweden.

During the last fifteen years, an "atomic bomb" has been deployed in the Mediterranean: 34,361 victims so far, including many children.

Suite à la discussion lancée par Andi ... par Marta Fontana

I was not in Sweden during the last Ridef anyway I followed through the narration of some participants, the great part the Italian ones, and when I read Andy writing I completely agree with him and his notes about :

The BD of the FIMEM needs more helping hands. Andi

The new Board of Directors BD of the FIMEM has only four members, which isn’t sufficient according to the statues and the work to be done.



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 Nous soutenons nos collègues français de l'ICEM dans leur revendication de liberté pédagogique.


Conclusion et perspectives de la première Biennale de l'Éducation

L’EDUCATION NOUVELLE : lettre pour l'entre-deux


Chère Amie,
Cher Ami,

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