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2018 Compte rendu de la mission d'Olivier Francomme en Pologne

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 Compte rendu de la mission d'Olivier Francomme en Pologne 

La Classe Plaisir: Récit d'une correspondance avec la Pologne

 Une école qui n' est pas une école type en Pologne parce que sa pédagogie est basée, entre autres, sur la Pédagogie de C. Freinet et J. Korczak.

freinet Pedagogy in Academic Situation


Freinet Pedagogy in Academic Education
Celestin Freinet’s pedagogy (referred to as Freinet Pedagogy) and terms connected with it such as ‘expression’, ‘creative activity’, ‘intellectual and social development’, ‘subjectivity and dignity of a student’, ‘free writing’, ‘school newspaper’, ‘field investigation’, ‘Freinet teachers’ do not need to be associated with early education (what happens quite often). Essential concepts of Freinet Pedagogy may be close to any teacher’s heart, independent of his or her students’ age, which also includes academic teachers.

Zofia Napiorkowska

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Décès de Zofia Napiokowsk​a

Marzena Kędra - (BD) and Regina Chorn

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