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Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 08/06/19 – 10:03

                   FIMEM’s call

Dear friends,

The experience of an RIDEF is always very involving, as you know, and a few months before the next RIDEF (Quebec 2020) and as enthusiastically proposed at the RIDEF General Assembly in Sweden, we take the initiative, as CA, to support the international Commissions that are being formed, an expression of the democratic life of an organization as important internationally as the FIMEM.

We invite you to involve yourself in some international commissions, to debate and make proposals on subjects that are of great interest for us. Our FIMEM Federation needs the experience, ideas and
talents... of each of us, to make an important contribution to the construction of our world.

We are convinced, as Mandela, Malala, Edgar Morin and UNESCO, that only education and culture can save the world!

Therefore, you will find attached to this email the list of existing commissions (but you can of course suggest others) with the names of current participants.

Thank you for your cooperation.